Mount Calvary Cemetery

Please call Greg Borowski (507-238-2154) or our parish office at (507-235-5535) if you would like more information about Calvary Cemetery.

Calvary Cemetery is located on Albion Avenue in Fairmont, Minnesota.

Remembering our loved ones and planning for our life’s journey with Christ

Calvary Cemetery Rules

(required by Minnesota Catholic Cemeteries as well as the Diocese of Winona)

1. No markers are to be set without permission from cemetery sexton.

2. Flowers and seasonal bouquets will be allowed in permanent vases or

wrought iron stands

3. Decorations will be removed anytime if they become unsightly.

4. Decorations 3 days before Memorial Day and 2 weeks after.

5. Use of wire is prohibited. Jars, glass and cans are not allowed at anytime

and will be removed.

6. No planting or digging allowed.

7. Spring clean-up: April 1st all decorations removed.

8. Fall clean-up: October 1st all decorations removed.

9. Cemetery not liable for loss of vases or floral arrangements.

10. Ground settlement is the responsibility of Calvary Cemetery.

11. Grass seeding is the responsibility of Calvary Cemetery.

12. Marker settlement or repair is the responsibility of the family.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Holy Family Cemetery

Contact: Mark Kleven….. 773-4515